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Heiswayi Nrird

I’m Heiswayi Nrird. Call me Wayi. I’m a software geek by day, and a gamer by night. Currently working as a Software Engineer at Keysight Technologies. This blog is like my Internet home. I write occasionally here. It’s a place I share my thoughts and experiences. Sometimes, it’s all about coding and tech stuffs. Other times, it’s just a repository for random musings. ツ

  • LinkedIn - my career journey profile
  • GitHub - my code repo
  • Gist - my personal pastebin
  • Codeberg - my another code repo, less GitHub-thingy
  • CodePen - web playground
  • JSFiddle - another web playground
  • Flickr - a collection of my landscape photographs that I hosted on Flickr site
  • Unsplash - my royalty-free photographs on Unsplash (just trying and not active)

No socmed profile because I’m a socmed interovert, so I didn’t really use them much.

Site tech stack

This site is made using Jekyll, a static site generator, and NodeJS (gulp) to compile my SCSS files. The source code is hosted on GitHub (Private Repo). It is built and served automatically by Cloudflare Pages with free of charge. I manage my site domain using Cloudflare DNS. Coded in VS Code editor with vscode-pets-enabled.

Site disclaimer

The information on this site (“nrird.com/*”) is provided “as is” without warranty, and confers no rights. This site does not represent the thoughts, intentions, plans, or strategies of my employer. It is solely my opinion. My thoughts and opinions may change as I learn more and develop my understanding of the topics I am blogging about. This site provides a snapshot of my current knowledge, views, and opinions, which may change over time. I reserve the right to evolve my knowledge, thoughts, and viewpoints and to change them without providing any reason.

Site changelogs

  • 2024 - Migrated my blog domain from heiswayi.nrird.com to nrird.com.