Long long time ago, somewhere between 2005-2009, I used to be a mIRC scripter. mIRC is a popular IRC client program and it had its own scripting feature known as “Remote”.


During that time, I managed to create a few mIRC scripts which I used to protect the IRC chatrooms from spams, host quizzes, and sometimes engage in “revenge” battles or the other name we called “war scripting”. After some time, this led me to create a chatbot using the mIRC script itself that had the ability to provide lively interaction within the IRC chatrooms.

As technology progressed, my interest in creating so-called “intelligent” chatbots grew. Then, I transitioned to .NET C# programming and developed a more sophisticated chatbots using a SQLite database and improved input-output handling.



After discovering the Artificial Intelligence Markup Language (AIML), I created a better chatbot with better user input understanding using the AIMLbot.dll library.


Evolving further, the Synthetic Intelligence Markup Language (SIML) caught my attention as a more powerful alternative to AIML. This led me to create a JavaScript-based application made using elizabot.js and served as a digital repository of my knowledge, which I inspired by Dr. Alfred Lanning’s hologram in “I, Robot” movie.


The evolution of chatbots showcases both technological progress and creative innovation, promising exciting prospects for “intelligence” integration into various aspects of our lives.

Update #1: After a while, I also created HelloBot and hnbot which are based on rivescript-js and RiveScript interpreter engine respectively.

Update #2: I managed to back up some of my mIRC scripts and also archives from Yahoo Group.